“For some time I suffered with hay fever and tried to control it through various methods without success. I decided to try homeopathy after talking to friends who has used this type of treatment before.I contacted Zayda to discuss my symptoms, this being necessary to try to pinpoint all causes. Each time I used the remedies I could notice a change for the better in my symptoms and this season I have not suffered hay fever at all. I can only assume that the remedies have strengthened my immune system so that my body can fight the effects of pollen.”

Andrea Lutz ,  Teacher


“I used homeopathy for my 4 year old daughter because she had trouble getting to sleep (and we’d tried all the bedtime routines advice). I found the consultation with Ms Kebede helpful and felt that she was very perceptive and thorough. She prescribed a homeopathic remedy and bedtimes did become gradually easier. My daughter still seems to need less sleep than average, but she settles down well and then sleeps soundly.Although I’m a doctor, I would not want use a “medical” treatment such as sleeping tablets for a child, and I felt that homeopathy was much more appropriate in this situation.”

Naomi,    GP


 "I’ll be honest, I don’t get how homeopathy works, I’ve tried to understand it, but it still leaves me baffled. The thing is it works for me. I’m incredulous every time. I’m not against conventional medicine but it just doesn’t seem to work as well or sometimes at all, whereas homeopathy gets me sorted every time, regardless of what it is. I’d had fingers that went blue and were painful in the slightest cold for years and the doctor didn’t really know what to do about it. He said there was no cure, to just get a nice pair of gloves! So I thought I’d try homeopathy. One remedy and two weeks later I was walking home one night and had the weirdest feeling – warm fingers!”

SB, London Career Coach

“As an osteopath I have a holistic approach to health , which is why I chose homeopathy. Zayda has been my homeopath since 2000, and I have found that her choice of remedies has always been spot on, enabling me to get over infections etc quickly, which is important to me since I too have patients who depend on me to be available to them”

Perry Lutz,  Osteopath


 “Sometimes when we get colds or flu we are left with catarrh that just won’t go away. When this happened to me someone suggested homeopathy, and so after suffering with severly blocked sinuses for several weeks I went to see Zayda. I was rather surprised to find that after just one remedy the symptoms disappeared entirely and I was clear and free again”



“Last summer I had a pain in my left knee and I was given Ruta Grav and within a couple of days the pain had gone and never returned. Brilliant!”



“I used to suffer terrible pain with chilblains every winter until I discovered homeopathy. Zayda gave me one remedy and the chilblains disappeared completely, along with the pain. I also, remembered recently how often I used to have mouth ulcers but they have also disappeared with the chilblains. I didn’t even realise I haven’t had any mouth ulcers for a while until someone mentioned their pain in the mouth”

Ayse Uysal Teacher 


“Over the last 10 years Zayda has helped me feel confident about using homeopathy to tackle a range of health complaints, including side effects of medication, joint pain and large fibroids, which significantly reduced in size. Zayda makes me feel an active and important participant in my health. Seeing her has made me more aware of the stresses of daily life that can impact my wellbeing. Zayda was the second homeopath I ever tried.  I found her warm, and easy to speak to, about even the most private health issues, and never felt a need to go to anyone else."

Tyler, Leadership development