Managing Expectations

I ask my patients to allow an hour and a half for their first consultation. This gives us both time to establish a rapport, and for you to be able to fully explain what is you would like help with. In order to find the right remedy for you I need to ask a lot of questions in order to be clear that I understand the situation properly. Some of those questions may seem strange at first because they relate to things that seem unconnected to the number one issue that you are seeking help for. But – be a patient patient because there are good reasons for this.  As a homeopath I look at you the patient as a whole person, not just a bundle of symptoms. This means that I need to ask about things like your sleep patterns, and likes and dislikes, and whether or not you are a thirsty person.  This all goes towards creating the picture of YOU, and it is this picture that I must match up to a remedy.  Every patient is different, and whilst two patients may have the same kind of persistent headache they will almost certainly have the need for a different remedy, because of their other characteristics. 


I operate by a professional code of ethics agreed with my professional association, the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths, and you will always find me to be respectful and transparent. This means that I will always answer any questions you have about treatment clearly and to the best of my ability, and expect you to be an equal partner in your healthcare rather than a passive recipient of medicine. If you are the parent of a patient I will expect you to be an equal partner in their treatment. Everything that you say in the consultation is considered confidential and will never be revealed to a third party.


I usually require some hours after our consultation to work out what the right remedy is for you based on all the information you have given me. For this reason I do not give a remedy at the consultation, but will either send it to you or ask you to pop into the clinic to collect it.  Sometimes it will be only one remedy. Or you may get several pills and be asked to take one or more a day, or one a week. It all depends on what is appropriate for you at the time. We keep in touch by phone so that you can tell me at the end of a week how you are doing and I can make a record of that in your file. Usually I will ask you to come back for a follow up appointment in a month or so, again depending on the total situation. During that time we are hoping for some changes to happen, and you must feel free to call me if you have any concerns that require reassurance. 


We usually only need 40 minutes for  follow up appointments, but I do allow an hour just in case there is more to discuss, especially if you are experiencing  emotional turbulence. 


I must make it very clear here that it is not possible to know how long healing will take, and it is wise to engage in the homeopathic process without being in haste.  While a young child may respond to its very first remedy an adult has developed a more complex system with exposure to injuries, disappointments and pollutants, and that requires more attention.  Patients have to be patient and so do homeopaths. 


Since homeopathy is not (usually) available on the NHS homeopaths who earn their living via treating patients have to charge for it and this may seem expensive when we in the UK are accustomed to NHS treatment that is free at the point of delivery. So it is as well to work out in advance if you are willing and able to pay for what may require perhaps 10 or 12 follow up appointments in a year, depending on the nature of the dis-ease.   I don’t charge extra for remedies (unless using the C.E.A.S.E protocol)  Find out more about costs here. 


It is quite likely that the first remedy you are given will do you some good and then stop working, because it has done its work, and a new remedy is needed as your state of health has changed. This may happen several times during treatment, although some people get better gradually having been given the same remedy all the time.  It seems that the majority of my testimonials are from patients who got better very quickly – and I don’t want to give a false impression. Perhaps they were the most willing to give testimonials because they were the most amazed by  the results……


I would like to offer this link to an article written by another homeopath who is SO good at writing about the subject for further reading.