Homeopathy for different life stages

Babies sometimes enter the world with an imbalance. They may have a skin rash or a tendency to vomit everything up, or they may seem not to sleep at all. Homeopathy can help restore the balance in these little ones, sometimes amazingly quickly. 


Toddlers are prone to imbalance in every way – not just in misjudging distances and falling over a lot, but in ways that are expressed in tantrums, and refusals to eat or go to sleep at night. Homeopathy can help a lot, giving the parents some respite too. I don’t charge extra for that.


It is very difficult being a teenager, with all the conflicts that arise from being half child and half adult. Where these conflicts lead to real mental and emotional anguish the teenager can be helped into a state of equilibrium and greater calmness.


Adults in our sophisticated, complex and forever hurrying society often find themselves living unbalanced lives and suffer physical or mental symptoms as a result of trying to fit into spaces they are not comfortable with. We suffer from shocks, such as bereavements, which we do not always allow ourselves (or others) to fully live through and experience. We suffer from all sorts of changes, because even the ones we have chosen such as home or career change take a lot out of us and can drain us of the energy we need to cope with life. We suffer in this hierarchical society from what Alain de Botton calls “status anxiety” and that can affect the heart. Homeopathic remedies act so deeply on the individual that they can help to bring a calmer, more realistic state of mind. Often the patient notices a change in mood before an improvement in their physical health. 


“Women’s  troubles” are not an unpleasant gift of nature to be born stoically, but an imbalance in the girl or woman which can be treated with homeopathy.  “PMT”  is not an aberration, a sudden madness, but all that troubles the woman has possibly supressed throughout the month writ large because she is at her most open and receptive.  A well chosen homeopathic remedy or two can re-balance the mental/emotional/physical combination to alleviate the stress. This applies to pain and heavy flow too.


Menopause is also not an illness, and women going through the menopause are not going through a period of madness. Where they do suffer from uncomfortable symptoms, be they mental, emotional and/or physical seeing a homeopath may help. 


Adult men.  I have seen very few adult male patients. I wonder why?  The two I remember best both had work related issues, one a lack of confidence in business and one a bit of a workaholic, although that is not what made them come to see me.  The remedies I gave them reflected their attitude to work and the physical symptoms disappeared. 


I have noticed that many older people expect to be unwell as they get older, but I don’t see why they should. If we eat good food and, don’t over-extend ourselves and get some exercise we will find our muscles less strong and have less energy, but that is not being ill. Old age may be the right time to slow down and pass on what we have learned. I would really welcome seeing some older patients who need a bit of rebalancing so that they can continue to enjoy life fully.