About me - the Homeopath

After an undistinguished career in a variety of sectors I discovered homeopathy. Undistinguished they may have been but those different careers did all add grist to the mill of my life experience, which is a great help to someone whose work is listening to and understanding people. Which is what homeopathy is all about. The remedies do the work but the homeopath has to have the skill to find the right remedy for the patient. 

I discovered homeopathy like most homeopaths do – as a patient, and in my case observing the amazing effect it had on my son. I had a mysterious tummy ache that even 5 days of examinations in hospital could not show what the cause was. I was advised to try homeopathy and after the first remedy was amazed to find a lift in my mood! I had not even realised that I was depressed, that the way I felt was not “normal” or, should I say, in good health.  So I continued treatment and the remedies I was given worked on the mental/emotional causes of the tummy ache until it went away. 


When my son was a toddler he was suddenly hit one afternoon by a clearly distressing headache I phoned the homeopath. She prescribed belladonna for him and within minutes he settled himself down to sleep on the sofa, and in another 15 minutes was awake and totally revived.  The next surprise for me was when we were staying near to some fields being sprayed with chemicals. Many of the children were suffering respiratory problems presumably in response to inhaling these chemicals and my son at aged 6 had streaming eyes and nose and could not eat his dinner. I made a guess at a remedy, not having begun to study the subject yet, and struck lucky. Within minutes he was tucking into his meal. I don’t mean to give the impression that health is always restored so quickly – it all depends on how deep the problem is and how long you have been experiencing it. 


I studied with an experienced teacher who had set up a workshop type school of only 5 students lasting 3 years and I saw patients under her supervision during my last year. My first patient had been told that she could not have children, but her reason for coming was panic attacks. Well we were pleased that the panic attacks ceased – and amazed when she found she was pregnant!  Some “side effect” …..


I see my role as a facilitator rather than a fixer.  Patients are largely responsible for their own health, including their choice of therapy, and diet and whether or not they choose to be in healthy relationships. I listen and try to ask the right questions leading to a good choice of remedy.  I aim to have  good, honest and open relationships with my patients so that we can work on their health issues in partnership. 


I am a member of the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths, whose code of practise I am bound by and am fully insured. 


Since moving from London to Thanet I have been welcomed by the Willow Therapy Centre in St Peter’s Park road, Broadstairs, to join the other therapists practising there and am currently available to see patients on Tuesday mornings from 9am to 1pm